Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Senegal on February 12 and 13 was the occasion for the launch in Dakar of “2020: Canada’s Year in Senegal.”

Suntaeg Energy has been named as the Senegalese company representing Canada’s renewable energy know-how and its president, Sunday Egbeola, has been congratulated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself for the quality of our commitment to women’s empowerment and the employability of young people so dear to the Canadian and Senegalese governments.
SUNTAEG Energy, which in just a few years has successfully positioned itself as a key player in off-grid electrification in Senegal, is now a recognized partner for rural electrification under the “Plan Sénégal Emergent” (Emerging Senegal Plan, PSE) and a link in Canada-Senegal collaboration in the fight against climate change and for sustainable development that benefits all.

SUNTAEG Energy intends to continue to establish the crucial partnerships that will enable the expansion of its services and the benefits of solar energy in Senegal.

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