The municipal stadium of Mamba Guirassy of Kedougou is a sporting and community center for the local population, and especially local youth. Without electricity, the events needed to be scheduled exclusively during the day. However, with high temperatures during the day and no proper lighting at night, the use of the stadium for sporting games and cultural community events was limited. Additionally, the community experienced frequent power outages and the grid electricity was too expensive to be handled by public organizations.

The need to find a durable, efficient, and stable solution that doesn’t incur hefty recurrent bills became apparent. The Kedougou Departmental Council partnered with Petowal Mining Co. (PMC), a mining company that operates in the region, and with the support of the Kedougou Regional Development Agency, they launched a request for proposal to find an innovative solar technology company to design and implement the solar electrification of the stadium. A significant challenge since this project represents the first stadium of its type to be electrified with solar energy in Senegal, and likely in West Africa!

Suntaeg Energy, the Senegalese subsidiary branch of the Canadian company Suntaeg Technologies, won the call for proposal and committed to take on this challenge. Suntaeg Energy provides smart solar solutions that are adapted to its clients’ specific needs in Africa, based on the latest in research, development, and innovation, combining the cutting edge of solar technologies and information technology. The company has already conducted many innovative solar installations, including entire villages, smart public lighting, and other solar applications within the Kedougou region and throughout Senegal.

Adhering to its core value of transparency, Suntaeg Energy worked closely with the technical management of PMC and the Kedougou Development Agency while regularly informing the departmental council and the Ministry of Sport. All stakeholders received continual updates on the progress and detailed specifications of the project. Suntaeg Energy focused on training, technology transfer, competency building and local development throughout the duration of this project. In addition, local resources were integrated throughout the project, including the use of resources and materials and the training of local electrical technicians involved in the installation, configuration, and calibration of the equipment. The Power Africa Offgrid Project (PAOP) local team provided valuable insights on the market and viable financial options for durability and long-term maintenance of such solution.

Suntaeg Energy conducted the initial calculations and simulations to ensure optimal luminosity levels all around the stadium, the durability of the components and the resilience of the installations. The team then conducted testing and calibration on two prototypes in its Dakar laboratory, before finalizing the design and proceeding with the building and installation of the components. The system installed is equipped with robust controls, security, and remote configuration and monitoring, in accordance with Suntaeg Energy’s specialty of integrating information technology, remote monitoring and data analytics in all its projects. The energy consumption of this installation is estimated at 17,520 kWh per year, which is anticipated to save up to 11 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

The first evening soccer game was played at the stadium on July 19, 2021; a now-historical date for the sporting world, the youth of Kedougou and the solar sector in West Africa! Cultural events and community events including sales of fresh and artisanal local products will be able to take place at the stadium, promoting the economic development of Kedougou.

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