SUNO Smart Solution:

  • In the off-grid village or in town during power outages
  • For everybody : at home, in your shop or on the market, at the Guest House, at school, in the health Center, in your company or in the agency, etc.
  • A range of solutions with several possible configurations
  • Adapts to your changing needs
  • User-friendly, light and portable
  • Customized Service for information, advice and assistance



SUNO, a complete range of Smart Solar Solutions:

  • Personalized smart solar solution adapted to your needs and your budget
  • A full range of smart solar systems
  • In off-grid mode (SHS), nano grid, mini grid or hybrid mode
  • Varied capacities according to your consumption profile
  • Solar solution for residential, community infrastructure, productive solar and Commercial & Industrial sector
  • Guarantees
  • After-sales service with remote monitoring and local technicians.

Energy-efficient accessories and compatible devices on request



Turnkey Smart Solar Solutions with compatible accessories

Our Smart Solar Solutions allow you to charge and use different energy-efficient compatible devices  (12 volts, 220 volts and even three-phase), previously tested, such as:

  • USB wireless rechargeable lamps
  • 12 volt LED lamps and bulbs
  • Radios
  • Televisions
  • Fans and air conditioners
  • Refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms
  • Computers, tablets, etc. with 3G and 4 G wifi routers for internet
  • Amplifiers and microphones
  • etc.


Specialized Solar solutions

Suntaeg Energy also provides specialized solar solutions such as:

  • Smart Solar Streetlights with remote control and surveillance camera option
  • Solar Pumping Systems of different capacities (houses, health Posts, market gardening, fish farming, etc.)
  • Solar dryers
  • Multi-service Solar Kiosks
  • Solarization of entire villages.