This year, the 2018 International Mining Conference & Exhibition (SIM2018) held at King Fahd Hotel in Dakar, Senegal, under auspices of President Macky Sall, focused on the theme ‘Geology and Mines for Social Progress and the emergence of Senegal with the main objective of increasing the development of the country’s mineral potential in a responsible and sustainable way.
Video SIM2018 (French only)

In this context and in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Senegal, Suntaeg Energy was invited to participate in this event, Its CEO, Sunday Egbeola, gave a presentation entitled ‘Solar Energy in the Mining Industry: Opportunities for Operations, CRS, Employees and Local Communities’ at the Grand Amphitheater of SIM 2018.

Indeed, Suntaeg Energy has already completed several solar electrification projects in the Kédougou mining region, demonstrating that the most modern solar technologies can be integrated harmoniously with a traditional way of housing to improve the living conditions and safety of the villagers while ensuring the sustainability of the facilities thanks to technicians trained in the village itself.

Recognizing the positive impacts of our solar solutions, several mining companies in the region, including Canadian companies, are now using Suntaeg Energy to electrify community infrastructure (schools, health centers, mosques and street lighting) in surrounding villages in the framework of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. As part of SIM2018, Suntaeg Energy was able to conclude a new partnership agreement with a Canadian mining company for a CSR project and engage in discussions with several other mining companies.