Suntaeg Energy and Crédit Mutuel du Senegal join forces to promote access to solar energy for all in Senegal.

XEEWËL SOLAIRE concerns both urban and rural areas, public and private infrastructures. The equipment of XEEWËL SOLAIRE is particularly suitable for schools, health posts and huts, homes, places of worship (mosques, churches, temples …), etc.

Suntaeg Energy has its parent company and research and development laboratories in Canada, its main office in Dakar and a solar exhibition booth of XEEWËL SOLAIRE products and services in Sokone:
• 12-volt SUNO solution for indoor and outdoor lamps, flashlights, phone charging, rechargeable radio, fan, TV, 12-volt fridge and freezer, 3G and 4G wireless internet, speakers, amplifiers and sound systems for mosques and places of cults, …
• 220 Volt multi-voltage solar solutions for devices you already have
• Smart solar streetlights with remote control and surveillance camera options for security (public spaces, farms, villas, camps, etc.)
• reliable and high-performance solar pumps,
• Solar kiosks well adapted to climate for information centers, product sales shops
• Customized solutions for processing local products
• Other solutions tailored to your needs and our research and development projects.


Suntaeg Energy : Route de Ngor, Zone 12, Face au Stade Ngor, Quartier des Almadies, Dakar, Senegal – Kiosque solaire de services, Pace de l’Indépendance, Sokone, Senegal – Tel.: +221 820 1451 / +221 77 838 3837 – –

Crédit Mutuel du Sénégal : Direction Régionale de Kaolack, Leona, Route de Gossas, Kaolack, Sénégal – BP 473 KAOLACK, Senegal – Tél.: +221 33 941 9450 – Fax.: +221 33 941 3691 –