Suno is a smart Home Solar Solution:

  • In the off-grid village or in town during power outages
  • For everybody : at home, in your shop or on the market, at the Guest House, at school, in the health Center, in your company or in the agency, etc.
  • A range of solutions with several possible configurations (DC 12V, AC 220V)
  • Adapts to your changing needs
  • User-friendly, light and portable
  • Customized Service for information, advice and assistance
  • See our video presentation (French only).



Suno, a scalable Smart Home Solution that adapts to your needs:

  • One or several Solar Panels (from 20 W to 200 W)
  • A battery (From18 Amp/h to 150 Amp/h)
  • A Suno controller with:
    • Nine 5V USB ports for charging devices : phones, rechargeable lamp, radio, fan, tablet, 3 G wireless router for internet access, LED strip, etc.
    • Two 12 V DC ports, power supply for four LED bulbs, TV, fans, fridges, laptops, etc.
    • A user friendly interface simple for system monitoring and maintenance.

Many accessories and compatible devices available




Use Suno for lighting, to charge and power different devices.

Various models of accessories and compatible devices, previously tested, complete the Suno solution, such as:

  • USB wireless rechargeable lamps
  • 12 volt LED lamps and bulbs
  • Radios
  • Televisions
  • Fans
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • 3G and 4 G wifi routers for internet
  • Amplifiers and microphones
  • etc.